New Year’s Resolutions For Your Hotel

09th December 2016

As we start to look back on the past year, it is important for hoteliers to begin planning for the future and setting targets for 2017. To ensure you and your business get off on the right foot, start creating New Year’s Resolutions for your hotel now, ready to get started in the Yew Year. This will also help you uncover any potential opportunities coming your way in 2017. Here our industry experts have chosen eight of the best New Year’s resolutions for you and your hotel:


Optimise your website

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to websites. We advise all businesses to carry out research into their website users, to gather feedback about their website, what works, and what needs to be improved. It is important you ask unaffiliated individuals and allow them to specify what they like and what they don’t like. The results collected should provide you with ideas on possible improvements or split tests to run which will help improve the conversion rate of your website – meaning you get more bookings from your existing website visitors. Online tools such as Peek User Testing can be used to gain user insight and will review your website before producing a personalised video of analysis.


Answer all online reviews

Whether the review is positive or negative, a response from the hotel is essential.Online reviews are important for a number of reasons, from their ability to affect how highly a website ranks in search engines to the impact they have on a customer’s purchasing decision. The importance of responding to all reviews in a timely and appropriate manner cannot be overstated. If you don’t do this already, start enforcing this New Year’s resolution immediately.


Upload up-to-date content

Adding regular, unique content to your website will mean Google (and other search engines) crawl your site more often. Search engines, like Google, use crawling software to index each of the pages on your website so they can provide accurate search results. A great way of adding current and continuous content to your website is through a blog.

Blogs are also beneficial as a way of incorporating longer-tail keywords into your content. These longer-tail keywords may not have as many searches per month as the short-tail keywords, and so will generate fewer visits to the website, which is why they are not used on your top level pages. However, they are much more targeted so it is worth targeting these somewhere on the website, and the blog is the perfect place for this. If your hotel’s website does not currently have a blog function, talk to your web development team about implementing one as soon as possible.


Assess your social media presence

Review your current social media presence, including the levels of activity and engagement as well as the consistency of posting. The more frequently you post, the greater brand awareness you will build for your hotel. Leaders within the hospitality industry should not ignore the impact of social media on their businesses. The best way to utilise social media for a hotel is to use it alongside your hotel’s existing online and offline marketing strategy to spread news or good reviews, hotel news/blog posts and third party blogs to spread further afield. Social media analytics is a hugely beneficial tool and can help you gain valuable customer insights into the behavioural patterns of your target audience. Make a conscious effort in 2017 to post quality content regularly.


Include personal touches

Standardised marketing and customer service tactics are no longer as effective as they once were as the general public become more and more used to personalised, integrated marketing. Our expert management consultants continually focus on improving the guest experience and a great way of doing that is through incorporating personal touches into all your services, from your initial marketing material through to their stay and their post stay follow up. Whether it’s a hand-written welcome note on arrival or personalised offers via email, these added extras can have a big effect on a guest’s overall experience. Go that extra mile and add personal and unique touches that will set a great impression for your hotel.


 Offer training for staff development

As a leading hotel asset management company we know how valuable hotel staff are. In order for your hotel to stand out in the market, it is beneficial to offer regular training to your staff members. An employee who receives additional development training will be better equipped to perform their job to a higher standard. Training is also beneficial for building an employee’s confidence, giving them a stronger understanding of the industry and the responsibilities of their role.


Deploy loyalty schemes

It is a well-known fact in the industry that it is harder to gain new customers than to retain current ones. Embrace this with a hotel loyalty scheme. Hotel loyalty schemes are an effective tool for ensuring guest retention and encouraging active purchases. Guests who are signed up to a hotel’s loyalty program saw a 49% increase in the frequency of stays booked, according to research. Alongside this, studies have found that loyalty programs are responsible for up to a 57% rise in room revenue.  Concentrate on rewarding your loyal customer base with a benefits scheme and you should see the benefits for the hotel too.


Experiment with different advertising options

Advertising doesn’t always have to be expensive. Hotels should try social media advertising, such as Facebook ads, which require much smaller budgets but can still provide excellent results. Every advert you post on a social media platform is an opportunity for a potential conversion.

Not only does online advertising have the ability to reach large audience quickly and affordably, it is can also be tracked extremely efficiently – so you can easily see what your ROI was. Social media advertising is also excellent for increasing your hotel’s brand visibility. We recommend you trial a handful of test campaign adverts on various platforms, altering the style, target audience and budget to discover what works for you.


We pride ourselves in being a hotel management company with a difference and hope you can take on board some of our New Year’s resolutions. As our experts say “there is always room for improvement”.


Here at Michels & Taylor we would like wish you and your hotel the best success this 2017 and a very Happy New Year.