Top Hospitality Trends for 2017 from our Hotel Consultancy Experts

30th January 2017

As we look to enter the new year, our hotel consultancy experts here at Michels & Taylor have been identifying the top trends that look to shape the hospitality industry in 2017.

More Millennials

In 2017 we can expect to see an increase in hotels targeting their marketing efforts towards millennials. It is estimated that 50 percent of all money spent in the hospitality industry by 2020 will come out of the pockets of millennials. This customer base preference has also shifted towards independent, boutique and lifestyle hotels as millennials value a unique and personalised experience over staying at a large standardised chain. The combination of modern and easily accessible fitness suites, bars and restaurants provides the perfect environment for these guests to enjoy.

Simplicity is key

With increasingly hectic lifestyles, people often retreat to hotels and restaurants for a moment of relaxation and a chance to let others take care of them. As the pressures of daily life require you to make multiple decisions, 2017 is the time to strip things back, and keep things as simple and easy as possible for guests.

Twist of technology

This year is set to provide us with more ingenious and advanced technologies that will aid the growth of the hospitality sector. For example some hotels are beginning to trial sleep apps, wearables, lighting and sound systems in order to guarantee guests the best possible night’s sleep. It is also predicted that there will be a significant rise in travel related mobile apps that look to improve the overall guest experience, controlling everything from check-in to the guest being able to control the temperature of their room remotely.

A healthy start

With healthy food and beverage options becoming increasingly popular year-on-year, we are set to see this trend continue in 2017. There has been a rise in ‘feel good hotels’ offering a haven for wellness and mindfulness in recent years and we expect their popularity to grow in 2017. There are multiple ways in which hotels can incorporate a healthy start into this year’s strategy, whether it’s through offering a detox weekend promotion, providing a lighter menu for all meal times to organising bootcamps and exercise weekends.

Social Responsibility

With many hotels stating that it is their mission to improve their existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, we expect to see more companies committing to cultural and environmental conservation through the use of locally and ethically sourced suppliers. ‘Home-grown foods’ look to feature heavily on hotel menus with produce coming directly from onsite kitchen-gardens, olive groves and vineyards, all contributing to improving their eco-agriculture.

It’s clear the hospitality industry needs to be prepared for the new trends that lie ahead. As an expert hotel management company, we predict an exciting and prosperous year for this industry and are looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months reveal.

Do you predict any hospitality trends for 2017? We’d love to hear from you.