The Importance of Social Media for Hotels

24th May 2017

Why independent hoteliers need to invest in effective social media strategies in 2017

Hoteliers are quite often of the belief that social media is something that doesn’t concern them. That they needn’t worry about tweeting, liking, sharing across different platforms or responding to feedback online. But as expert hotel asset managers, we can tell you a good social media strategy will change the face of your business and increase bookings and enquiries, tenfold, with the facts speaking for themselves.

Research shows that a high percentage of room bookings are made based on word of mouth recommendations – and guess what? Most of these conversations take place online, on some form of social media. So, in an industry that relies so heavily on guest feedback, we think you might want to start taking an interest in the world of modern communication.

We have put together just a few reasons why you should be investing more time and money into your hotel’s social media than ever before.

Protect Your Reputation
Reputation is everything in hospitality, so counteracting unsavoury reviews and negative comments with a quick apology or explanation of how you have rectified the mistake shows you are committed to customer care. Also, by outweighing the negative feedback by over sharing the positive, your online reputation will remain intact, something crucial to the success of any business in the digital age.

Keep Your Brand Consistent
As an independent hotel, your brand is your biggest selling point and an effective use of social media is your best chance to accentuate your tone of voice and stand out from the crowd. This will familiarise guests with your style and level of hospitality and help you build a relationship with your potential guests, which will encourage bookings.

Attract New Customers and Harness Loyalty
No one is going to know you exist unless you shout about it. Social media is a quick and easy way to promote offers and desirable room rates to a new audience to get prospective new guests into your property. Additionally, building relationships with guests who have stayed previously will encourage them to return time and time again.

Target the Right People
Paid social is the future, and no one targets people better than Facebook. They hold the key to unlock the invaluable data needed to target your specific audience, so make sure you invest time into building your own database and money into paid social and you’ll start to see your return on investment grow.

Achieve More Direct Bookings
More and more people are booking rooms via their mobile phones and social media is key to encouraging this activity. Ensure your social media is up to scratch and encourage people (using incentives) to book via your website instead of OTAs. If you make it easy to book via mobile, direct from your social media ad, guests are less likely to book through an OTA, meaning you don’t have to pay the commission on the booking.

Recruit the Right People
Believe it or not, social media is great for recruiting fantastic staff, quickly and effectively. Make your property look like a desirable place to work and reach out to people you think would be a perfect fit to the avoid notorious high turnover of staff so prevalent in hospitality industry.

If you are still not convinced that you need to be up to speed on the latest social media trends, contact us today and we can talk to you in depth about what your hotel needs to be doing right now.

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