How a Brand could Benefit your Hotel

23rd October 2017

As one of the UK’s most influential asset management hotel companies, at Michels & Taylor we believe that excellent branding is a major part of your hotel’s strategy plan.

Our Commercial Team works closely with the UK’s biggest hotel brands to ensure that where beneficial, we find hotels the most suitable brand to help them get the best ROI. Our approach will allow you to discover the benefits of belonging to a brand and how your hotel can make the most of its brand association.


Image and Global Strategy

It is vital that preliminary research is undertaken to make sure that your hotel is matched to the most suitable brand – after all, it is imperative that good first impressions are made in business. Merging your hotel with a well-established brand will reap the benefit of the emotional attachment already present in guests, as they will have particular expectations of your products and services.

By forging a relationship with an established brand, your hotel will be welcomed into a portfolio of likeminded properties and will benefit from its global exposure.


Global Visibility

Becoming synonymous with a brand has many benefits for your hotel; brand exposure being one of the most significant. The scope of this exposure ranges from that of a local geographic to that an international reach. Global exposure is often pursued by a multi-channel marketing approach with almost all directives regarding collateral and digital marketing being managed by the brand as whole.

This level of exposure allows your property to be promoted globally. Many hotel brands also promote offers for guests who are members of the brand’s loyalty program, helping to further increase awareness around the world and encourage repeat customers.


Support of the Brand

The security of having dedicated support from a brand is invaluable. You will have access to resources and global platforms that would otherwise be costly for an independent hotel such as PMS, technical support, distribution platforms, websites and apps. You can also benefit from increased budgets to help compete with other hotels and OTA’s.

Your teams can also benefit from extensive HR and operational opportunities such as training, efficiency, health and safety and more at your property.


“Adhering to a brand gives a hotel a strong sense of belonging. Guests identify really quickly with hotel brands and have great expectations when it comes to onsite experience. It is our role to ensure that the hotel is matched with the best suitable brand to maximise profitability and guest satisfaction.”

Kathy Shortman, Commercial Director


Belonging to a brand brings a lot of benefits to your hotel, from various perspectives including commercial, distribution and marketing. At Michels & Taylor, we ensure that hotels are best matched to ensure a successful future and return for the owners.

If you want to discuss how a brand can benefit your hotel in further details, call us on 020 8905 2500 or contact us directly.