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Analytics On-Demand

Michels & Taylor Analytics offers owners cutting-edge commercial reporting and highly advanced tools to help you understand your hotel’s performance better. This leads to more informed and factual commercial decision making.

Most tools are delivered through our leading commercial experts, from start to finish, with trackers delivered to your inbox with full instructions. These are the tools we use when working with you.

BMI (Baseline Market Index)

This tool helps a hotel to understand where their true fair share sits by considering the product and quality rating compared to their competitors. The hotel is given a ‘baseline’ index for both TRevPAR and RevPAR, in order to show where their natural position is in their competitor set. This can then be used as a new base from which to set targets.

RPQM (Rate Positioning Quality Matrix)

Helps hotels easily identify whether your retail (publicly available) price is correctly positioned compared to competitors, based on product quality, location and brand strength.

Seasonal/Festive (e.g. Christmas, Easter)/ Special Events Tracking

This shows how the hotel is pacing in terms of covers and revenue during seasonal/festive period or special events compared to the previous year. Considers definite and tentative bookings too.

Agency/Company/Source Tracking

This tracker shows the production of agents/company/source (e.g. MICE, corporate) for a hotel/portfolio in terms of revenue and room nights compared to the previous year.

KPI Benchmarking

Provides a dashboard for tracking a number of top line KPIs by month and YTD. This tool comes complete with a leader board and tops and flops sections. This can be used for individual properties or portfolios.

Premium Room Efficiency

Measures how well each hotel is selling its higher category rooms, such as Executive Rooms and Suites. Looks at both volume and revenue.

M&E Demand & Enquiry Conversion

Shows how many M&E enquiries each hotel received and how many of them are converted into definite bookings in both volume and revenue terms against previous years.

Transient Demand

Shows how many attempted reservations were made to each hotel vs. actual number of reservations made. The demand factor shows if the hotel had unlimited rooms to sell (unconstrained capacity), how many rooms would have actually been booked (i.e. hotel has 100 rooms, and the demand factor is 130% = the hotel could have sold 130 rooms if they had them). It’s good to see whether business is coming back after a dip.

Pace Reporting

Shows how a hotel is pacing in both bookings and revenue terms for all revenue streams, compared to previous years.

Rooms Mix Reporting

Shows how a hotel is segmenting business in terms of revenue, ADR and rooms sold. This can be broken by day of week. Tracks statistical and future information.

Day Of Week (DOW) Reporting

Shows occupancy, ADR and RevPAR split between full week, weekday and weekend. This could also be against your comp set.

Booking Source (Channel Stats Including Web Analysis)/ NetRevPAR Analysis

Shows what channel (i.e. GDS, OTAs, Brand Websites, Call Centre etc) all transient bookings/revenue are made through. This includes NetRevPAR analysis, highlighting the gap to RevPAR vs previous years.

Leisure Club/Spa Analysis

Provides a dashboard of KPIs relating to leisure clubs and spa.

Golf Analysis

This report provides a dashboard of KPIs relating to golf clubs and courses.

Call Centre Analysis

Shows the productivity of your call centre, including call handling, bookings, revenue and conversion.

Intelligence On-Demand

To help support you stay ahead of the game and know what’s happening, the team at M&T can keep you in the picture and ensure you know what to look for and what’s happening or about to happen in the market. Any tools, reports, tracking can be purchased. You can take your pick.

Industry Updates

Pricing is aligned with events happening in the area
Hotel market overview, including supply, pipeline, location and accessibility, key drivers (corporate and leisure)

Test Calls/Mystery Shop Programme

Evaluate team performance against set criteria, bespoke to your hotel.

Benchmarking Spot-Checks e.g. Price Parity

Understand who your customers are and set strategies accordingly
All encompassing review of all online channels and social media
Understand what the customers are saying about your hotel.

Training On-Demand

Michels & Taylor’s leading industry experts support your team by helping them have up-to-the-minute understanding of modern commercial management. This is done through bespoke training and providing written knowledge designed to meet your exact needs.


Cutting edge approach to all areas of Rooms Revenue Management. Modules include:
Channel Management
Theory Of Pricing
Inventory Management
Net RevPAR
KPI Reporting

E-commerce To The MAX

The very latest best-practice sharing on how to optimise:

Social Media Engagement & Marketing
Web Content & Visibility (SEO/PPC)
Search Engine Analytics
Customer Reputation Management

M&E To The MAX

Renew your reactive sales team’s focus with modules including:
Customer Journey (Enquiry Handling)
Showround Training
Demand Conversion
Review Of Proposals & Contracts
Negotiation Skills
Closing the deal
Proactive Chase & Follow Up
KPI Reporting.

F&B To The MAX

Cutting edge approach to all areas of F&B revenue management.
Modules include:
Theory Of Pricing
Value Proposition
Demand Capture
Menu Engineering
KPI Reporting

Wellbeing To The MAX

A modern approach to all areas of wellbeing, such as Golf, Leisure, Resort Activities and Spa.
Modules include:
Channel Management
Theory Of Pricing
Demand Optimisation
Inventory Management
KPI Reporting.

Metrics To The MAX

A thorough close look at all metrics and KPIs and their application. This covers all revenue streams.

TrevPAR To The MAX

A bespoke combination of the above modules to suit the needs of your business.

Time Management

An introduction to a smarter working day for Revenue Managers. Of all the things you could do in a day, what should you do and when?

Revenue Management On-Demand

Revenue Management On-Demand is an effective, results driven and process-led protocol led by some of the very best talent in the industry.

Our experts offer a dynamic and consultative approach to Total Revenue Management. Daily inventory / space and rate management support combined with weekly strategy calls will ensure you make the most profitable decisions for your hotel.

The process also includes state-of-the-art reporting, including Daily Pick Up reports. Our industry leading data analysis tools will keep you informed and help give the best return possible.

Daily Support

A daily pickup report is delivered to your inbox. Based on the strategy agreed, your Revenue Management Expert will react to pick up and outlook, and then influence inventory and rate remotely.

Weekly Revenue Catch-Up / Meeting

Once a week, your Revenue Management Expert will conference call your team to discuss forward strategy. Benchmark and Trends (where available) will be used to support commercial decisions, and monthly rooms forecast support will be provided.

Powerful Analytics

We provide a bespoke bundle of reporting to suit the needs of your business.

Commercial Health Check On-Demand

Let Michels & Taylor help you find more profit, with a Commercial Health Check.

With a team of Hotel Revenue Experts looking at every area of your commercial activity and suggesting ways to improve it, a CHC provides opportunities for increased returns and changes that will make a difference to your bottom line. It also gives all your stakeholders a clear insight into the strength of their Sales, Marketing, PR and Revenue Management, and considers every revenue stream. This optimises everything from rooms, MICE and restaurants to spa, leisure, golf, and retail.

Overseen by our senior commercial leaders, we don’t just look for improvements; we support your team in providing them.

The Process

A CHC involves three stages:

Two days of onsite research to provide a Health Check assessment.

A debrief session with the team then creating an action plan.

Assessment of the action plan’s progress, and a review of the next steps for the business.

Results To Expect

Key areas for improvement explained clearly and fully

Your hotel is correctly positioned in the market

Your measurement and control mechanisms are in place and used correctly

All risks and opportunities have been identified

Your market intelligence is used fully to benefit the business

Your booking channels are managed effectively.

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