Asset Management

Expect the highest standards from our hotel asset management team.


Big-name brands and independent hotels alike, we represent your interests to ensure the management team on the ground do what they need to do to optimise profits. Because we're all hoteliers, we speak the same language.

What we do

Our role as your Owner Representative Overseeing your management team on your behalf

With monthly meetings and regular reviews of the management team, as well as M&T-generated workstreams, we focus on the key areas that make a difference to the trading performance of your business.

Commercial Reviews and Reporting Getting under the skin of your business to inform your next move

We delve into the micro detail across all commercial disciplines – Revenue Management and Distribution, Sales and Marketing and PR and Communications. Through focussed and channelled discussions, we challenge Management specialists in creative thinking to further enhance revenue performance and segment specific sales and marketing activities; all done in a collaborative yet ambitious way.

Finance reviews and reporting Detailed and forward-thinking

Our asset reports are informative and detailed, and will always support the future of the hotel.

Property management/Capex reviews Get the whole picture

Every request for Capex is reviewed, and if needed, a case is prepared for your approval. If it isn’t necessary, and costs aren’t as low as possible, we won't pass it to you until it is.

Annual budget reviews Gain a fresh overview

We review annual budget proposals from Management to Ownership with a view to adding further value to your bottom line, albeit through reducing the risks or indeed bringing to the table creative ideas to further enhance revenue generation. Given our first hand experience in hotel operations, we have many years of experience and best practice to share.


With a great portfolio of hotels and years of hospitality investment experience, know you're in safe hands.

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For me, it's their focus on delivering results that makes them different and far superior to their competitors.

Abraham Bejerano AB Hotels


Each with a passion for hospitality and drive for commercial success, we carefully hand-pick our team to ensure that each member is an expert in their field – and they really do know the industry inside out.

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